Ya Allah,
I don’t deserve thy blessing of paradise. Yet, I don’t have the strength, to withstand, thy torments of hell fire.
Thus, accept my repentance, and grant me thy forgiveness for my sins.
For thou art the forgiver, of great sins.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Alhamdulillah..lepas berapa tahun tinggalkan dunia 'kebloggeran' ni, i finally cari balik dia..lupa password, lupa id semua..tapi dengan izinNya, Alhamdulillah..
Scroll all my posts until the first post..haha..i just smiled..
shaye shuke shangat minum air shirap shejuk shampai shakit peyot..lul..orang tertentu je faham.
too many things happened..i just can't put into words..

i don't even know what to describe in those pictures above..lol..but good thing you have blog, you can see your life process through it..cerita zaman kau dulu-dulu, zaman sekolah, zaman nak masuk u.,stories in your everyday life..idea yang kadang-kadang buat kau terus jam tu tiba-tiba nak menaip dan tak nak berhenti..pulak dah! yang ni memang penulis je faham..for me, i just can't believe what I wrote few years back then..hahahaha..so i made it private..only necessary or i think relevant posts are being made public..i laugh to myself as hard as i can..hahahaha..well, we grow aren't we? towards better person inshaaAllah.

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